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Taking Passport Photos

Passports are used as forms of identification in when one is travelling and as such, just like all other forms of identification, they bear the face of the owner. A passport is a very important document because it discloses your nationality as well as your identity whenever you are in a foreign country. Passports contain things such as a person’s full name, his or her date of birth, citizenship and above all the bearer’s photograph. A lot of people have been caught trying to forge this specific document and hence the Government has come up with stricter rules regarding the taking of passport photos. When compared to the taking of other identity card’s photos, a passport’s photo is taken with more care.

Your passport photo must be of high quality so as to make it easier to identify you as well as avoid delays at the airport. Passport photo guidelines clearly state that no editing or enhancing should be done when it comes to the taking of passport photos. A passport sticks with somebody for a very long time and so the photo ought to be good. Discussed in this article are tips to help you look good in your passport photograph.

To get a good passport photo, first decide on the best place to have it taken. Those with IT experience take their own passport photos since it is the cheapest way. Be sure to follow the rules and regulations provided for in your country if you choose to take the photograph yourself. For a quality passport, visit a reputable studio.

Secondly, ensure that you look well-groomed when you are having your passport photo taken. Visit a salon to have your hair groomed since you will have this photo for many years to come. It is important to ensure that your face is free of makeup but if you have to get it applied prior to having your photo taken ensure that it is very subtle such that nobody would realize that you have makeup on.

Ensure that you get enough sleep prior to you getting your passport photo taken so as to avoid having bags under your eyes. Facial expression is also very important when it comes to passport photographs. A lot of people tend to think that they should look gloomy in their passport photos because passport phot regulations do not allow them to smile but this is a big mistake. It is important to be relaxed when having your passport photo taken and you can do this by thinking happy thoughts. Before you get your photo taken, try to practise in your mirror.

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