Questions to ask before hiring a web designer

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Recruiting a web designer is not easy, especially if you do not work to design yourself. How to evaluate the quality of a portfolio? What skills are required to succeed in this position? What is the optimal state of mind?

To conduct an effective recruitment interview, you need to ask some relevant questions, which will assess the flexibility, versatility and creativity of the candidates. This article offers a non-exhaustive list of questions designed to target quality web designers.

1 – How would you describe your creative process?

It’s about finding out how the candidate views the creative process: does he rely on his inspiration? Does it rely on the data? Does he count on his labor power?

This question is also an opportunity to discover how important it is to the different stages of the creative process: research, interview, constructive criticism, etc.

2 – How do you proceed when you lack inspiration?

This question allows knowing how the candidate finds ideas, how he manages a possible tendency to procrastinate, and what innovative techniques he uses to renew himself in his work.

It also assesses its ability to describe working conditions that promote optimal performance in a high-pressure environment.

3 – On your previous positions, what was your involvement in the design phase or strategic thinking?

Does the candidate have a habit of taking an active part in the projects from the beginning? Is he quite accustomed to receiving a creative brief?

This question also helps to evaluate his taste for customer contact, his level of experience and his interest in the design process as a whole.

4 – What are the objectives of this project and what reasoning justified the selected solution?

Ask the candidate to tell in detail how he conducted a past project. It should discuss the design phase, the drafting of the first rolls, the definition of the target audience, the review process with the client or account manager, the launch of the deliverable and the analysis of the results or performance of the project.

Ask additional questions to find out what’s behind his decisions, the customer’s reaction to the deliverable, as well as any difficulties and errors found.

5 – Can you describe a project that has displeased one of your clients?

How did you handle the situation? What questions did you ask the client to understand his dissatisfaction? How did you deal with the objections expressed while ensuring that the initial objectives of the project were achieved?

A results-oriented designer must be able to explain how he or she makes a compromise between creativity and data.

6 – Which organization do you adopt when you have to manage several resources, files and ideas in parallel?

What tools or strategies does the candidate use to stay productive and organized?

An agency is continuously buzzing, and everyone has to manage several projects and customers head-on. A competent designer must be able to work effectively in such a context and manage his tasks and projects independently.

7 – What questions do you ask the client before starting a project? What is the most critical information?

This question allows you to know how the candidate is considering the customer relationship as well as the priorities of the brands and knowing what information he deems essential for results-oriented web design work.

8 – How do you manage several priorities at once?

An agency often has to accept late-breaking projects or make unplanned revisions to a delivered project.

This type of urgency is a considerable stress factor; this question makes it possible to determine if the candidate knows how to ask the relevant questions to his manager in order to prioritize his work with relevance.

9 – Which project has brought you the most pride?

This question aims to determine if the type of projects managed by your agency interests in the web designer. Your goal is to recruit a successful web designer in the long run.

Thus, it is better to avoid choosing a professional attached to what his name appears on his productions or aspiring to become an illustrator or artist. Looking for someone who is really passionate about solving brand problems with the design.

10 – Which rules, culture or structure favor collaboration within a team?

Depending on the structure of your agency, the web designer will collaborate with his peers or work with a client team consisting of an account manager, a strategist, a marketer and a developer.

The candidate must, therefore, place importance on the timing and allocation of responsibilities, as well as the trust and ability of each member of the team to contribute to the success of the project.

While waiting to find the perfect designer for your business, save time by reading this article.