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Elements to Put In Mind Before You Rent a Bouncy Castle

Jumping castles keep children busy and amused which stimulates healthy growing. When planning for an event you should ensure that you take care of the children who will be attending. A jumping castle is an excellent way to keep the children busy and entertained during the function. Companies that offer bouncy castle rental services are many today. You should take into consideration different properties before you rent a jumpy castle.

Put into consideration the age and weight of the children who are going to use the castle. Bouncy castles have several sizes each with the specific maximum load it can hold. Children who are yet to attain five years have castles that suit them while those who are above five years have other castles to accommodate them. Jumping castles for teenagers above twelve years are not yet in the market.

Ensure that the bouncy castle is safe for children to use. The company must have convincing measures to protect the children from harm before you accept to hire their bouncy castle services. The castle should be from materials that cannot catch fire easily in case of a fire breaking out and that they are strong enough to prevent tearing when the children play in it. Find a jumping castle that best suits the occasion. Bouncy castles are of different designs. Understand the motive behind the event before you order for a jumping castle. A teenage mutant ninja turtle castle may be the best castle for a birthday party of a teenage boy, whereas a tinker bell jumping castle may be a perfect castle for a birthday party of a girl under five years of age.

The company you settle on should be able to offer quality services. Ensure that you get testimonials from other customers that are convincing enough to make you trust them before you rent a jumping castle from them. They should have enough equipment to erect the bouncy castle and ensure that the children are safe when they are playing to protect them from significant accidents The company should give you ample time for you to concentrate on the event instead of looking after the children. They should be to control the children so that you attend to other matters that call for your attention. It is likely for children not to be so careful when they are playing, and therefore the employees of the company should be in a position to offer first aid when children get hurt.

Have a financial budget that will guide you on how much is available to spare for a bouncy castle. Find out different amounts of different companies that hire out bouncing castles. Rent a bouncy castle that is not too large because the extra space will be a waste and too small castle will make the children uncomfortable to pay in. You should get an affordable castle within your means. A good company will not offer you services with hidden costs that will make you pay more unknowingly.

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