What to Look for in a Pest Control Business

General Article

It never gets old as we are all guilty of almost jumping out of our skin when we see a little critter scurry across the kitchen floor. You are petrified on what to do next. Once you make it to the phone and talk to the pest control company you might be in tears. However, if you can gather your emotions and calm down, there are a lot of things you need to consider when hiring a pest control company.

The business

Find out from their website how long they have been in business. Search though their pages and see what type of services they provide. Not all pest control businesses take on certain kinds of bugs. Be specific in what is occurring at your home when talking on the phone to the staff. Ask if you can send a picture of the ant mountain growing behind you break room. Giving them a visual of what is going on at your business is helpful. Make sure they are licensed and have years of experience handling pests. Read any reviews online that can tell you more about the business and what other customers are saying.

The Techs

Be prepared for the technicians to should up and start walking through your company. Never let anyone in until you have verified their identifications, license number and any certifications they might have. When they arrive, they should know you by name and inform you of their company. Most states make it mandatory for any pest control technician to have a certification. Further, they are required to keep up their skills by engaging in training in order for their license to remain current. When you initially call the business, ask about their techs and their licenses. You might be able to read about some of this on their website, but don’t forget to inquire on the phone.


A pest control contract can either be short or long term. This means they will come by every three or six months to spray. Always ask the staff about their contract options and what they charge. There might be times you prefer them not to spray and they need to be aware of this. Find out if three months is enough to rid the pest from your business. Do you need a longer contract? Once they learn about your pest challenges, they should be able to recommend the best contract for your company. Read the contract in its entirely and ask questions about anything you don’t understand. You can find any commercial pest services minneapolis mn near you.

These are things to look for in a pest control business. Find out how many years they have been in the industry and try to read reviews online from former customers. Make sure any tech coming into your business has the right education, training and necessary certificates to have a current license. Review the contracts closely and try to find one that will be the best for your company. Ask about the spray routine for any short or long contract agreements.