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Tennessee Whiskies

Tennessee whiskey comes with some famous brands that you may have heard of. There are stringent rules that one must meet before it is considered a Tennessee whiskey. Here are some of those regulations and their origins.
For a whiskey to be called a bourbon, it has to meet several requirements. It must be distilled from mash made from at least 51% corn, it must be aged in new charred oak barrels, nothing reused, distilled under 160 proof and barreled above 125 proof. It should also be above 80 proof when bottled. The whiskey must have been made in the US to earn that title.
Most bourbon in the country originates from Kentucky. This has made it seem like a requirement, which is why Tennessee whiskey is not regarded as one of them. But you will find that Tennessee whiskey complies with all these rules, and also one more. There is a rule that says the distilleries there must use the Lincoln County Process for their products to earn the name Tennessee whiskey. This process is where the distilled whiskey shall be filtered through charcoal before barreling. This filtering process is done differently by each distillery. You will get a more mellow flavor of the whiskey from the process. Tennessee whiskey will thus give off less of a burn than the rest. Tennessee whiskey must also be aged in Tennessee.
You will hear of Jack Daniels as one of the most famous Tennessee whiskeys. Their distillery has been producing whiskey for over 150 years. Pop culture has also helped it rise to its staggering fame. You will also hear of George Dickel, the next most famous Tennessee whiskey brand. You will also come across Popcorn Sutton, another famous one. You will discover more Tennessee whiskey brands in the world.
You will find that these distilleries also hold tours for their customers. You will get to observe their whiskey making processes. You will also get a chance to taste some of the lesser known brands there. You should arrange to go for these beautiful tours, no matter where you are.
There are some issues with the Tennessee whiskey liquor law. All the distilleries operating in the same environment feel that Jack Daniels gains an unfair advantage with them. They find their options to compete better are limited, in a process that suits Jack Daniels perfectly.
Most of the whiskey connoisseurs do not think much of Tennessee whiskey, not even Jack Daniels. But if you love whiskey, you will think of giving it a try. It can also serve as a great gift to a loved one. You shall learn more about enjoying this drink on this site.

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