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Are Decontamination Products for Firefighters Ideal to Use?

The fact that shooting sports now have grown significantly through the years and many gun owners who are now learning on how to shoot, the increase of lead exposure also has risen.

A lead particle is nearly invisible and this will stick to your skin and on the surface through an electrical bond which is difficult to disrupt. You could find some gels, wipes and soaps and some industrial products that claims to be able to remove lead, but is not really effective because it is made from chemicals that are made to only remove dirt but not on breaking electronic bonds which caused the leads to stick on the surface and skin. The patented technology which you could find on some new firefighting products are made specifically to disrupt the bond of leads and shows high chances of effectivity in a microgram level.

Such products are made for military and industrial applications and is able to give safety benefits which is actually ideal for people who wish to protect themselves from the harmful effects of lead dust that’s produced by firearms and its components.

There are decontamination soaps which are also available as non-rinse wipes, surface cleaners and soaps. Products like these are definitely very effective when it comes to removing dirt, lead oxide and germs and avoid the use of dangerous chemicals.

Decontamination and cleaning soaps are designed to replace regular soaps that are usually being used in the bathroom, removing not only harmful heavy metals but also removing germs, grime and dirt.

These brand products were made specifically for firefighters, firearm users and military personnel in order to remove the microscopic quantities that lead and other heavy metals like Depleted Uranium Oxide, Hexavalent Chromium, Antimony, Cadmium, Mercury and other types which accumulates on the surfaces and skin.

Based with NIOSH’s research, when you fire a handgun, this could deposit about 1,000 micrograms of lead to your skin for each firing made and if you could ingest this, it could cause high blood lead levels which may affect your health in different ways like the case where it lowers your I.Q. or perhaps organ failure and other kinds of diseases which in fact is associated with chronic lead exposures.

Our body treats lead like this is calcium which is used for creating nerve, bone and brain tissues. The problem then starts when our body will use lead as a building block rather than using calcium.

The use of decontamination products is in fact a preventative measure and is not a cure to lead poisoning or will provide you protection from lead that’s in the water or if you ever inhaled lead dust. If you suspect lead poisoning, make sure that you contact a doctor immediately for treatment.

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