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Things you need to know when Buying Pepper Spray

A person who needs extra protection when walking outdoors can consider buying a pepper spray. The spray is not considered a lethal weapon which is why it is a convenient weapon for self-defense. Many buyers, however, ignore a number of things when they are purchasing this produc. The paragraphs below discuss some of the tips that will help a buyer make better choices when making a purchase.

Found out whether the pepper you are looking for is available legally in your country. Know all the regulations that govern the use of pepper sprays. In spite of the fact that pepper spray is considered a non-lethal tool that can be used for self-defense, the user needs to know any regulations that govern its use. The sprays can either be for defense against human attackers, dogs or bears, and you need to be certain of what it is that you need and where you will acquire it. Find out whether it is only available online or from licensed dealers in your locality.

Educate yourself on how to use this spray before you make any purchase. This information will help you to know how to test the product, and how to help yourself in case you misuse it. The internet is full of information and it should be easy to learn about the spray. Consider learning about the spray before making the purchase. The units of the spray get tested and replaced regularly. You need to be certain about the length of time that you will take before doing so.

Choose a size that will be suitable for you. Keychain units are smaller sprays compared to fire extinguisher sizes which are largely used by the police. Keychain sprays are easy to carry around. The quantity of chemical in it is however small. The sizes of container, the quantity of chemical and the need of the buyer should match.

The pattern of the spray is another factor that you can consider. The stream pattern can be sprayed at a single person even if they are in a group. The other spray pattern the mist pattern, where the spray exits the cannister like an insect repellant. It might not travel so far and might contaminate other people around the attacker. These are the things that you should know when purchasing pepper spray.

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