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How to Choose Marketing Referral Software

Almost no business, regardless of diversity and well-roundedness, is totally self-sufficient in terms of marketing. That’s the reason they usually rely on an external referral marketing platform. Investing in an outside source, however, must be done cautiously.

Below are a few things to remember when selecting referral marketing software:


First off, you need your new program to be compatible with programs you’re already using, like your ESPs, CRMs, and so on.This enables you to track referral progress and, later on, customer status, more conveniently. In addition, strong integration capabilities provide an opportunity to nurture your loyal customers before and after a referral is submitted.


Your referral marketing software must be pliable enough to adapt to the shape that you want as you optimize your marketing techniques, and to give you full control over the direction you want to go.Scalability will help you in define expectations from the platform in terms of speed, usability, and abilities.

White Labeling and APIs

Your referral software should be white labeled and have the suitable API capabilities, allowing you complete usage and giving you associated rights.Meanwhile, your API documents have to contribute to interoperability with other systems.


Before deciding on a certain referral platform, ensure that it can be programmed according to the demands of your business. You should be able to customize such things as template designs and notifications, for example.

Contact Grouping

Contact sorting and segmentation is the secret to well-organized customer lists and makes it easier to target a particular consumer type for a particular campaign. For example, if you’re targeting your most loyal customers for a new or updated referral marketing campaign that offers more rewards, make sure your referral management platform makes it possible to reach out to those very customers.

Campaign Analytics

Nothing but numbers can correctly say which aspects of your business are effective or not, and and give you reliable basis for making changes as you try to improve results. Your program, for example, should offer insights regarding your top influencers, the total number of referral actions taken and referrals sent, and so on. On top of collecting data, your system must enable you to create high-detail, well-organized reports that will help you make decisions in the future.

Reliable Customer Service

Lastly, make sure that your referral solution is supported by a strong customer service team that can address questions and concerts and resolve system issues in a timely manner.Research requires a little effort, but when you know the background of the system you’re planning to adopt, you will save yourself a load of potential headaches. Options are many, but none of them is exactly the same as the other.

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