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The Common Tools That A Woman Can Use Of Self-Defense

It is essential to note that as compared to men, women are more susceptible to abuse. The fact that women are not masculine make them the vulnerable group because people take advantage of this. You will always hear that a lady has been attacked by a stranger. What is annoying is that in some cases, the people will be attacked by the individuals that they know so well. It is therefore essential to come up with ways of ensuring that the female gender is not an endangered species.

There are self-defense tactics that a woman can use when they are under siege. At times, it becomes difficult to use these especially when the attackers are more than one. However, one should not worry. You need to understand that there is something that a person can always do. Self-defense products are now being sold in the stores for such reasons. They come in different shapes and designs. They are also used differently. The following are a few defense tools that you are expected to know.

It is recommended that you have pepper spray as the number thing in the list. You will notice that the pepper spray is always disguised as other tools that one can have in their bags. You will understand that some of the pepper sprays are always designed as the lipstick cases. It is essential to realize that the spray will blind the person who has attacked you and this will give you a chance to escape. Some of the advantages of the pepper spray are that they are cheap, portable and durable. One is required to understand that the tactical pen is the next big item here. You should know that this pen has a sharp end and can pass through a hard surface. Through that description, you should be able to tell how badly it can injure someone. One is required to know that the tactical pen is actually a pen though it is not for writing. The other weapon that you are supposed to know about is the tactical knife.

One is supposed to know that the tactical knife is designed in a way that it resembles a side comb and in some cases, a pen. You will not easily recognize it if you have never seen it. It is not so big, but it can help when need be. For self-defense, it is recommended that you stab the attacker at a close range. The damage caused is often much than that caused by a bullet. It is essential to learn that alarm also falls under the category of deadly weapons that a woman can use when attacked.

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